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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Calling all Healthcare Providers! Check out your housing benefits!

We are excited to announce the launch of MDHRG (Maryland Home Resource Group) and our affiliated health care provider program, a comprehensive, value added employee/member benefits and resource program for members employed in the healthcare industry.

The program is committed to developing dynamic, problem-solving strategies, which assist employers and employees/members to successfully balance their personal and professional challenges.

At MDHRG, work/life resources are divided into three broad categories: Financial Balance, Personal Balance, and Professional Balance. One aspect of personal balance focuses primarily on the challenge of balancing family, leisure, and spiritual time in unison with financial and professional obligations. We understand that when your employees are happy and performing their best, so are you!

That’s why we created the most comprehensive employer housing benefits program to date. It goes far beyond just housing, offering vetted partners, marketing benefits that include contractors, discounts, financial services, quality of life, and personal wellness benefits.

MDHRG, in conjunction with the federal government and the FHLB program benefits, creates a positive impact on your bottom line and builds worker/member loyalty. The program provides a benefit that you can offer your employees without any cost to you. You both gain! Be sure to check out our website: Maryland Home Resource Group for the latest information on our Partners.

To find out what homes are available in your market, please visit Bay Green Properties group!

Life can get expensive, and so it is nice to have savings on your side. With your MDHRG membership, we offer savings on everything you already buy. The deals are fantastic and come from a large range of well-known stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, and more.

Take a look around and find your member only savings.

For more information, call today! 410.260.0202

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